You can't change what happend yesterday but you can decide what happens tomorrow.

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the airplane scene is truly iconic.

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Top 10 Favorite TV Shows

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- Pretty Little Liars
- Friends
- Breaking Bad
- Prison Break
- House
- Parks and Recreation
- The Office
- Desperate Housewives
- Real Housewives Of BH/NY/NJ/Atlanta
- Lost

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Did you see skeleton twins? I saw it yesterday it was the best thing ive seen al year! I wanna know if you have it downloaded cause I would like to request some gifsets I havent seen on here yet

I’m sorry I haven’t! The release date here is the 20th of November and I’m trying to wait for it. I have skeleton twins blacklisted on here so I can’t see any spoilers. Your reaction and everybody else’s gets me soooo excited for it! If you still haven’t seen the gifs you want by then, you can ask me again if you want :)

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me on valentine’s day

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No, the movie. Did you see the movie Saw?

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